Friday, June 24, 2011

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Is an awesome game.

It is from a bygone era when being a Sonic game didn’t have the stigma of being a “Sonic Game”. It had little to live up to, and does fine by exceeding expectations on every level. Secret areas? Check. Large, imaginative levels? Check. Little brother mode second player? Check.

I played through it today with… my little brother. I’ll let you guess which person played as Sonic and which one played as Tails.

We had all the Chaos Emeralds (only one of which is green, for some reason) by the time we had gotten to Aquatic Ruin Zone. We could have had them earlier, but we fumbled a good bit with the Special Stages. After that the game just went by super fast.

I also played Nier a little today as well, and I’ve decided that having Grimoire Weiss as a traveling companion is pretty freaking cool. I’m a fan of the concept of characters having a familiar that follows them around and helps them, and a book familiar is probably the most interesting and unique familiar type I’ve encountered.

My Dr. Pepper is getting warm, and it will be flat in the morning. Guess I can’t win them all.

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