Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Hair of the Dog

And no, it’s not the mission in Borderlands. I gave my dog a haircut today.

It got everywhere, and she was pretty traumatized by the time we were done. I personally don’t think she needed a haircut, but my dad was insistent, so I did it. Poor thing.

I’m about halfway through Devil May Cry 4 right now. It’s not a really long game, and I could be done with it right now if I had tried a little harder. I’m just playing it for fun right now, not trying to challenge myself or anything.

My brother has been playing I Spy Spooky Mansion all day. I’m not impressed with it in any way, but the game is not designed for me. It’s targeted at young kids, and it’s probably intended to be played by youngsters with their parents. It appears they tried to make it as tolerable as possible for an adult while still being playable by a six-year-old who can’t read.

Oh, and they sell it in the Scholastic book order things they pass around at elementary schools periodically. Yeah, I know. That is totally an indicator of a quality product.

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