Friday, June 17, 2011

Devil May Cry 4

I pulled this game off of my shelf today and started playing it.

It’s a bit easier than I remember, but I think I may just have the benefit of having a vague recollection of the solutions to the puzzles from the last time I played it, a couple years ago.

But this game is nuts. Honestly, Capcom has some sort of affinity for over-the-top action sequences, and I love it. It’s just awesome to fight giant demons with nothing but a sword, a gun with unlimited ammo, and a massive demon-fist attack. That’s not even counting the second half of the game where you play as Dante.

And then there’s the jelly beans.

Well, technically they’re crystalized demon blood, ichor, and various fluids , depending on what color they are, but they look so much like jelly beans that it’s impossible to think of them as holding some sort of dark power. It’s far more likely that they hold cherry flavored tasty goo.

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