Thursday, May 19, 2011

Freaking World Tendency

Today I played Demon’s Souls for a while. I  really like the game, but sometimes it can get a bit frustrating. My frustration today is World Tendency related.

I’m working on getting the Platinum trophy for the game, and I’m making pretty good progress. One of the trophies requires that I get all the “unique” weapons in the game. Gotta love them collectibles trophies. Anyway, one of the items I need is dependent on a specific fight with a specific enemy who only appears when World Tendency in a certain level is Pure White (Black Phantom Garl Vinland, Valley of Defilement).

World Tendency affects how much damage enemies do, how much life they have, and how many souls they give when you kill them, in addition to affecting certain events. When you die (in body form) word tendency moves toward black, when you beat a boss, it moves toward white. Basically, it makes the game easier if you’re doing well, or harder if you’re doing poorly. Counterintuitive, huh? At least the enemies have better drops when tendency is black.

The problem is this:  I finished the final boss of the Valley of Defilement, so there are no more bosses to kill, but before I left the world via the safe method provided when you kill a boss, I managed to die in body form. The Black Phantom Garl Vinland only appears when you have Pure White world tendency, and since I died in body form, I am one tendency level below pure white, and there are no bosses to kill for me to raise it back to where I want it.

Essentially, I’m screwed until I start the next New Game+. Wonderful.

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