Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Changes Inbound

I've decided that I want to make some drastic changes to my blog here.

Change the First
I stopped syncing my blog with my Facebook "Notes" application, at least for now. The whole thing kind of seemed silly to me, anyway.

Change the Second
I'm going to try to post more often. I know, everyone who starts a personal-ish blog says this, but I mean it, and I believe that I can pull it off, because...

Change the Third
I'm drastically altering the type of content that I post. I'm not saying that the subject matter will be different (I'm hooked on the topics I've posted on), but I intend to focus less on lengthy articles and more on daily content. I have dreams of grandeur, and would love to be putting out movie, game, and tech reviews, but I don't (at this point) have the writing experience (or quite frankly, the ability to focus) required to do that. I'm thinking of starting smaller.

So What Now?
Well, to start with, I'm going to make daily entries. Even if the daily entry is just about some article I read on the internet, or about how I spent four hours watching progress bars as I installed software, I intend to write. A long time ago I set a reminder on my phone to write in my blog on a weekly basis, and that just wasn't enough to keep me going. Friday night would roll around and I wouldn't feel like writing, so I'd blow it off, and it became a habit to automatically dismiss the notification. Not gonna do that again.

Anyway, along with all this I'll probably spend a good amount of time tinkering with this page, so those of you who visit this blog might see changes. Maybe I'll even move the template off of whichever default it is that I picked.

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