Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Audience

Sometimes I wonder just who I write this blog for. Seems like I write it just for my own gratification, but I appreciate it when people read it. I guess my audience is me, but anyone is welcome and encouraged to read.

I’ve been trying to decide which direction I need to go in schooling/career. I’ve spent a good 15 hours today working on homework, and I need a break, so I’m thinking about something important instead of playing games or something.

This is my last semester at SLCC, and one thing I have definitely learned is that I am much better at the classes that I find interesting, or I am excited about than I am at classes where I don’t care.

Take, for example, my folklore class (one of two classes I took where I actually felt in danger of failing). Technically, the folklore class was an English class. This worked in my favor, because I have a strong command of the English language, and papers typically flow quite well for me. However, despite my proficiency with the medium, I did poorly at the class. Why? I hated the material.

Similarly, I’m currently taking a college algebra class, and I finally think I have my feelings about math sorted out. It’s *boring*. This means that it is something that I have to expend massive amounts of willpower to do. If I found it interesting I could do it just fine. I understand concepts (well, most of ‘em, anyway) and can do all the arithmetic and algebraic manipulation just fine, but I can’t stand it because it’s just so bone-splinteringly dull.

I just need to finish this semester up, so I can finish my associates and be done with SLCC. Hopefully I pass my math class, because I *really* don’t want to take it again. Yuck.

Final thought: I’m really tired right now, and I don’t know why I just spend a bunch of time typing up a blog post instead of finishing my homework that is due in four and a half hours.

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