Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stupid math homework

I’m writing this on Saturday night. Instead of having fun as is proper on the weekend, I am doing math homework. Lots of it. And I probably will be working on it for most of the coming week.

This is my first math class in a couple years. As you might expect, I’ve forgotten a lot since last time, but it’s not as bad as you might think. I can’t remember a lot of the little things (what does x1/3 mean, again?) but for the most part I remember quickly or I just turn to the internet for a quick refresher.

Speaking of the internet, since my computers are busy being not easy to use with my super-small desk, I have been looking up the little tidbits of info I need on my PS3. I really appreciate how it has a web browser built in, but the browser is feeling really outdated nowadays.

Basically, I feel like the web browser on my BlackBerry is better suited to visit a lot of websites than the browser on my PS3 is, which is kind of pathetic because the BlackBerry internet browser is widely considered to be the furthest behind in terms of mobile browsers. One of these days they really need to update the browser in a system update so that it works with websites again. Facebook doesn’t even work properly unless you use the mobile version of the site. FREAKIN’ FACEBOOK.

The next PS3 system update is scheduled for September 21, and the major feature being added is 3D playback for Blu-Ray movies. I dunno about you, but I don’t really care about 3D playback, seeing as it requires a) special hardware (new/super expensive TV + matching expensive shutter glasses) and b) 3D movies to play, which are not readily available. Seems like everyone and their dog (at least among major technology manufacturers) is itching to move to 3D within the next year. I don’t think it’ll catch on anywhere near that fast.

The last big push from manufacturers was the transition from SD to HD. There have been minor transitions throughout the years for the TV, like the move from VHS to DVD, or the transition from analog to digital TV, but those all work with the same hardware. The last time there was a major hardware revision where you got new functionality from a TV prior to the transition to HD was when they moved from black and white to color. It’s just within the past few years that people even started to change their SDTVs to HDTVs, so I don’t think it’s too far off to say that people aren’t ready to trade in that shiny new HDTV with their fancy new high definition Blu-Ray players and high definition game consoles for something that offers identical functionality, only in 3D.

Anyway, I am totally putting off getting to work on my homework, which is a bad idea. Give me a shout if you have any thoughts about 3D, the PS3’s web browser, or how to get an A in a college algebra class without really trying.

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