Monday, March 5, 2012

Triple Digit Statistics

This post marks the 100th post on my blog. Since it’s a milestone number, I figured that it would be fun to share some statistics for my blog. So, without any more messing around, here we go!

All statistics include this post as part of their percentages and numbers, and are accurate at the time of posting.
  • Total Posts: 100
  • Posts with pictures: 26
  • Posts with more than one picture: 13
  • Posts with animated GIFs: 3
  • Posts with embedded YouTube videos: 6
  • Posts with YouTube videos that I actually made: 1
  • Posts that include bulleted lists: 11
  • Posts that include strikeout text: 3
  • Total Haikus: 1
  • Product reviews: 1
  • Top Ten lists that only include nine items: 1
  • Posts that include something I drew: 8
  • Posts that teach how to do something: 3
  • Posts in my “Retro-Review” series: 2 (I should bring this back)
  • Total comments across all posts: 32
  • Most views on a single post: 296 (Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Autosave)
  • Least views on a single post: 0 (The Internet is Back On!)
  • Total views for all posts: 3575 (it was accurate until you read this!)
  • Average views per post: 35.75
  • Shortest post: 6 words (Today for lunch I had...)
  • Longest Post: 6,912 words (I Played This Game: Crysis)
Now I guess the question is whether to have a party or not. I’ll bring the soda if you bring the ice cream.

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  1. Wow. I had no idea you did so much of this blogging thing. Congrats on writing 100 things!