Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yeah, whatever…

Today I was planning on drawing something cool with my pen, but instead I ended up spending an hour drawing a circuit board and then threw together this animation real quick so I would have something to put here.

I started doing a “Mr. Perfect” game on Mega Man 10. In case you’re not familiar with it, Mr. Perfect is the trophy you get for beating the entire game without getting hit. It’s  kind of ridiculously hard, so not many people have done it. I’m not sure I’ll be willing to endure long enough to get it.

I’m also making good progress in Final Fantasy 9. I played it a long time ago, back in the day, but I gave up and stopped at some point, for some reason. I remember being disgusted by it for some reason, but I can’t recall exactly what. I seem to remember something about the anthropomorphic animal people driving me nuts, but from this time playing it I’m thinking it was just as likely that I felt like the battles took too long and was just using something as an excuse to stop.

Anyway, enough games for now, I’m going to go and do something productive!

(Also, that guy I drew ended up kind of creepy looking… and poorly drawn.)

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