Monday, June 27, 2011

Organizing Files

I have some bad habits when it comes to reinstalling Windows on my computer, or moving to another computer.

The migration method I’ve used the past few times is to hook up my hard drive from my old computer into my new one, and copy the entire disk into a folder on my desktop. This folder will remain my base of operations for… pretty much everything… until I manage to move everything around to its proper and prescribed place.

That’s what I did today, for a good chunk of my afternoon: organize my files.

I have this grand scheme that I will have everything organized and properly named so that I can find anything I need with only a minimum of effort. I’m a good portion of the way, but I always get only partway to my goal before I give up and just deal with folders full of files named things like “PIC2011_00003.jpg” and “Document 2.docx”.

I plan to put forth a little more effort toward this tomorrow, and hopefully I can get my desktop cleaned up from the dumping ground for everything that it has become.

Now for Nier.

Today I finished the first playthrough, and I’ve got to say, that was mind-blowing. Normally I can see plot twists a good ways off, but this one had several that completely sideswiped me. I’m pretty sure my brains got splattered on the wall behind me for a minute or two. It was that crazy.

At approximately $20 new (or significantly less if you go used), I can’t not recommend this game. It’s just that genius.

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