Sunday, May 29, 2011

Windows XP in a Virtual Machine

Today I took on the task of adding Windows XP in a virtual machine on my netbook. I have a HP Mini 311, I got it with all the options: Bluetooth, 3GB of RAM, and the slightly faster processor. I know, the upgrades are only very slight, but I really appreciate the Bluetooth module.

Anyway, when Ubuntu 11.04 came out, I installed that on my Mini, and I have really enjoyed using it. Unfortunately, I’m hooked on Windows Live Writer and Netflix, neither of which works under Linux. So, I’ve spent a few hours today setting up a virtual machine on my netbook just for those two programs.

So how was it? Actually, not bad. The installation was pretty easy, and completely problem free. It runs fast, and everything works fine, at least for now. I’ve installed all the updates, activated Windows, and I’m going to make a copy of the virtual machine so that I can screw around and if anything has a problem I’ll just revert back to the old HDD.

I’m excited to try it out, and hopefully everything works just fine so I can do my bloggin’ and Netflixin’ on the road.

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