Saturday, May 28, 2011

6 Months

Today I played Lost Planet 2 with my friends for the first time in eleven forevers. It must have been at least six months since I first played the game, because when I turned on the game I got a PSN trophy for a “six-month anniversary” with the game.  That’s a long long time in game terms. Like, long enough that I had almost forgotten that the game exists.

The game is still just as fun as I remember, and the story still makes exactly as much sense as before (zero). I kind of wonder why we stopped playing it in the first place. I guess something else must have come along that looked (and probably was) more fun.

Mainly, though, I’m glad that PSN is back up in Japan. For the past month weekends have been hit and miss with free online games, so it’s nice to have all these fun and expensive non-free games available for playing again.

I need to finish my laundry now.

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