Thursday, August 5, 2010

It’s been a while…

So, I had completely forgotten that I had a blog. I mean, intellectually, if you were to ask me if I have one, the answer would obviously be “Yes,” but I have gone so long without writing that I might as well not have one.

A few things to sort out:

  • Yes, I know I need to finish the Top 10 Worst Games list. But I don’t want to. I figure that I don’t need to, and since this is my blog, it’s not going to happen. (If anyone’s interested, the #1 game was a toss-up between Solstice and LED Wars, but I only wrote the LED Wars entry and nudged that to #2 in the interest of having some content. Quite honestly, I should have had Solstice at #2 or maybe even lower. Also, I can’t find a GameFAQs entry for LED Wars. It must be rare.)
  • I have abandoned Outlook, which I once championed. Sure, it’s nice for business who need to have all sorts of super-advanced functionality, but quite honestly, I just needed an email client and a super-light calendaring utility.
  • I have been using the Windows Live Essentials Beta suite for all my email/calendar/photos/sync/blogging needs. It’s *really* well put together, and I like it a lot because it’s super simple and just does what I need it to. (BONUS! The Windows Live Writer Beta kept my blog information when I upgraded from the “stable” version, so I didn’t have to look it up and enter it.)
  • I’ve been off for the summer from school, but plan to finish up my Associates’ Degree this fall semester. From there, I tentatively plan to transfer to the University of Utah and pursue a Computer Science program of some sort.
  • I have been playing Ragnarok Online on a private server for the last few months. It’s my first “real” MMO experience. I did play Atlantica Online for a little while, but it was more of a collaborative multiple single player game, unless you PVP a lot, which I never had interest in doing. Note to self: do not let game eat life.
  • I plan to write more often. I’m setting a weekly goal to make at least one entry in my blog. I have followed several blogs in my Google Reader feed where the updates are so sporadic and far apart that I have considered ceasing following them just because there’s never any new content. I don’t want that to be me. (Then again, it’s likely that I’ve lost readers in my seven month hiatus. Not that I had many to begin with, but, ya know...)

I now will set a reminder in my calendar, a weekly one that will remind me that I need to write. This should work, but you might just get a rundown of how much I hate the homework for [class name]. Well, maybe. See you later!

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