Monday, November 2, 2009

10 Worst Games I Own - #2 L.E.D. Wars

Check out these awesome cyborg-gun-arms! It was a tough choice for my number two game. The top (bottom?) two in my list are both terrible and I arbitrarily picked assigned them numbers. So here it is.

L.E.D. (pronounced “lead”) Wars is a real time strategy game that is very similar to Command and Conquer. Resource gathering consists of a confusing farming and gathering technique that adds a small amount of variety to the game, but it doesn’t offset the lousy nature of the game.

What is so bad? Well, the game is very confusing to figure out. It’s not clear which units do what, and there is no documentation, in game, on disc, or in the box. I spent a good portion of time just trying to figure out how to get resources, which was very annoying.

The story is inane, the difficulty is high, and the acting is terrible. Just imagine Command and Conquer where the videos are terrible quality, everyone is wearing lab coats, and the script is written by a ten year old with severe ADHD who has been drinking Red Bulls all night.

There is one point where you reach a mission where the enemy has units that are insanely powerful relative to your units, and there’s no way to finish the scenario without destroying these units. Essentially, it’s the equivalent of taking out an armored tank with an airsoft pistol. I gave up at that point.

I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone, especially given that the compatibility was poor back in the day when I played it on my Win98 machine. I can only imagine how poorly it will play now.

What fun.Click me to read the details!

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