Monday, September 28, 2009

10 Worst Games I Own - #3 Sheep

Sometimes I wonder what game companies are thinking when they make some of their games. I have to ponder whether they are actually intending to sell any copies of the game, or whether they just want to live out some terrible memory from their childhood that has been haunting them for most of their adult lives. This is kind of how I feel about this game.

The back of the case says it all:

They've traveled vast distances through space. They've colonized countless star systems. They've forgotten why they're here...
Can you guide the lovable -- but soooo stupid -- Sheep to Mt Mouflon without getting them bashed, boiled, blown up or blow-dried?
Wrangle 4 increasingly stupid breeds of Sheep, conquer 7 flock-busting worlds (with 4 levels in each), and confound the pure evilness of Mr Pear and his evil hench-cows! With the shear gameplay you've been craving, you'll be up night after night counting... Sheep!

  • Guide your flock through 7 worlds, including Technopolis and Jurassic levels
  • Incredible A.S. (Artificial Stupidity) actually simulates the unique stupidity of sheep
  • 4 different herders; Bo Peep, Adam Half-Pint, Motley and Shep
  • 6 bonus levels

Note the use of a shameless pun in the end of the third paragraph. *sigh*

This game has the distinction of being a game that I bought not for the game itself, but for the hardware that it came with. This is where I got my memory card for my PS1.

The whole premise of this game is… something about sheep. You’re supposed to herd them to a van or something. Seriously, it’s on the PSN, but… Don’t buy it. It’s lousy. Seriously. Usually I’m willing to play a game that I get for really cheap at least partway through, but this game I couldn’t even make myself play past the first level.

I’m done with this. Here’s a video.

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  1. 3:34 There is a loading bar to load the loading screen :) Now there is some classic PSX right there. There's also a PSN remake one called Flock. It's basically more of the same except you're the mothership.