Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bad grammar gets on my nerves…

I process a lot of classified ads for a website on a regular basis, so I get to see a lot of text that people write. While most of it is well written, I have a lot of people who just don’t seem to understand how to properly operate a keyboard. Here is a list of common errors (and annoying trends) that bug me.

  • People who can’t spell (I nede the bakc glas four my mahcin)
  • Unnecessary apostrophes (Contain’s lot’s of new part’s. Thank’s.)
  • Heavy reliance on the period key (I can deliver………………give me a call……………Im available anytime………………)
  • Overuse of Exclamation points (Nice! Great shape! Home use only! I can deliver! Or ship! Pictures available!)
  • Putting their contact information in the body of the ad, in addition to the contact fields (this is a good way to get harvested by spammers, by the way)
  • Repeating themselves (HUO. This game has been owned by me since it was new. Home use only.)
  • Usage of wrong words (Plastics came from they’re manufacturer)
  • Silly dyslexics (new light blubs)
  • People who try to use HTML (<bolded>BEST<bolded/> machine in this condition<<br><<br><<br>)


It seems like there’s just something about the internet that brings out the worst in people when it comes to the English language. Do you have any things that bother you about grammar, especially on the internet?

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