Thursday, June 4, 2009

Music Ratings

I have a fairly good sized music collection. I have about 4,000 songs, and a large portion of them are video game remixes or video game soundtracks.

Ever since I moved to Vista I have been using Windows Media Player to play my music. It used to be that I hated WMP, but suddenly it was no longer terrible once I had Vista. In fact, I have ceased using Winamp (my old favorite) altogether except to sync with my iPod.

The problem I have been having is that I want to have a rating (1-5 stars) on every song in my library. This is quite a task with so many songs, so what I did is to set up a playlist that had all the songs that did not yet have a rating and would systematically remove them as I gave them ratings. This ensured that I would not miss any songs, but it was not very… fast.

There’s no quick way to do this that I know of, because what I want is to tailor it to my tastes and enable auto-playlists based on rating.

*sigh* Only 900 more to go…

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