Monday, June 6, 2011

Pravtive makes perfevt

Or was it “Practice makes perfect?” Eh, whatever.

Today I rearranged my computer area. Here’s the deal: I like to put my feet up on a corner of the desk while I am using my computer, but with the way that it was previously set up I would hit my computer with my feet when I put them up. I arranged it so that this no longer happens, and I saved some room by mounting my speakers on the wall and using a shelf-thingy for various random things I usually have around.

I also rediscovered my DS this weekend. On a whim I threw in my copy of Pokemon Platinum, which I never finished. I suspect I’m near the end, but I lost interest at some point and just stopped playing. Having nearly forgotten everything about the game, I was pleasantly surprised at how good the game is. I’m thinking that I might actually finish the game now that I have had a good time away. Actually, it’s more than a little time away… The last time I played Pokemon Platinum was July 14, of 2010.

Of course, that’s all dependent on whether I bother to play it at all, what with the other stuff I’m working on at the moment. I’ll try carrying it with me for a while and see if I get some time in.

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