Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fans (like, the kind that move air)

Today, I cleaned the air filters on the air intake fans on my computer. They weren’t terribly dirty, but they were dirty enough that it was bugging me. I’m actually a little surprised at the difference in appearance now that they are clean. They look much nicer.

I played Super Metroid today. It’s not a long game, so I was able to finish it pretty quickly. That game is definitely one of my favorites. It does something very well that many games struggle with: Atmosphere.

Yes, the atmosphere in the game is spectacular. Areas feel remarkably real. The derelict spaceship feels like it’s actually been abandoned, the lava area feels like you’re in a volcano that could explode at any time, the secret lab area is terrifying. Music and visuals combine in just the right way to make you feel like you’re in the game.

It’s one of the few games that I have actually felt scared while playing. I remember moving through these dark caverns as a younger, more impressionable version of me, terrified that something scary would leap out and try to eviscerate me. Armed only with my arm cannon, and a dwindling supply of missiles, I pressed onward.

It’s one of those magical experiences that is hard to put into words. These moments are rare, and often difficult to find, but it’s worth your time to find them. That’s why I like this game so much.

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