Friday, August 20, 2010

Getting Ready for the Semester to Start

I am totally ready to be done with Salt Lake Community College (SLCC).

This is my last semester there, and I have only a few select classes I have to take to finish up my associates degree. The big problem is that I waited too long to register for classes and ended up with a crappy schedule where I have to go for one hour on Mondays and Wednesdays, and I spend 12 hours at school on Thursdays. Lesson learned: Register as soon as possible after registration opens up.

At first I didn’t even get into the classes I need to finish up, and the professors weren’t willing to create overrides for me to join their classes. What I had to do was wait until someone dropped their class and then join. The problem is that the way I have to figure out when the classes are available is through a terrible website interface that looks up class availability. What I ended up doing was setting an hourly alarm for myself so I could remember to check the website and see if any classes opened up.

This method worked, and I ended up getting all the classes I need, but my schedule still is terrible. Hopefully I can get it worked out so I don’t have to be there all day on Thursdays.

Also: Textbooks are a freakin’ rip-off. How is a lame book that I’m not *EVER* going to use after I finish the class worth more than $100? The publishers want you to think it’s because of research, or materials, or writing, or something, but I have it on good authority that in some other countries at least textbooks cost $10-$40. Double-you tee eff.

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