Friday, July 3, 2009

I crave the internet…

I want fast internet. I have access (obviously, or I wouldn’t be writing this), but it’s slow. I’m using my phone as a tethered modem with my laptop, and I have trouble downloading things. My emails don’t download half the time, my RSS feeds will only update every few days (if I’m lucky) and browsing is slow.

I love that I can use my phone as a tethered modem. It’s great for being on the run, but when I’m relying on it as a primary form of internet access it suddenly becomes quite lousy.

I’m not worried about incurring overage charges, because the internet is so slow, and I have an unlimited data plan. I’ve been using my phone for internet for most of a year now, off and on, but I really want to move away from such a lousy way to get my interwebs.

Well, that’s my rant for now. Enjoy my post, if it manages to upload correctly over my BlackBerry Flavored Interwebs.

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