Saturday, July 18, 2009

10 Worst Games I Own - #8 Monopoly Party

ImageIt’s a party and (unfortunately) you’re invited! The number eight game on the Ten Worst Games I Own is Monopoly Party.

Chances are that you’ve played Monopoly before, but if you’re unfamiliar with the game here’s a basic rundown of the game. You and some of your friends are multi-millionaires who are competing to become to sole owner of a large number of properties, including several railroads and utility companies. The objective of the game is to bankrupt all of your opponents and become the owner of all properties, and own a “Monopoly”.

Monopoly is a classic board game, but unfortunately it has the tendency to stretch out into extremely long games, lasting hours, days, or in extreme cases, weeks.

Monopoly Party is a new spin on this board game. It has what it calls “Party Mode” where you play the game… but there’s no turns. Everyone rolls at the same time, everyone buys property at the same time, everyone does everything at the same time. This makes the game less strategy oriented, and usually degenerates into all players just mashing the “A” button to get through as many turns as possible so they can just finish the game. Not fun.

The one thing that keeps this game from being banished from my collection and used as a coaster is the fact that there’s an option to play regular Monopoly, without the moronic lack of turns. It has several themes, such as a medieval and a prehistoric theme, but I prefer the vanilla Monopoly board (it’s the only way to get the iron as a playable piece).

I’m not sure why I bought this game. It didn’t even look fun at the store, and I think someone must have cast some sort of confusion hex on me when I was browsing Gamestop back in the day. Oh well. Too late to sell it off now.

Overall, this game would be completely worthless if not for the fact that it has regular Monopoly included, but to be entirely honest, you’re better off playing it on the actual board game. It’s more fun that way. Rich Uncle Pennybags will thank you.

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  1. You're dang straight Rich Uncle Pennybags will thank me. I refuse to acknowledge anyone who refers to him as "Mr. Monopoly". He has a name Parker Brothers! You can't just suddenly pretend he doesn't.