Monday, June 29, 2009

I Wanna Be The Guy

Ever played that game? Chances are that you haven’t. It’s a snarky satire on other video games, and it manages to be one of the toughest games I’ve ever played.

The Guy You play as a kid who is on a journey to become “The Guy”. It’s not clear from the beginning what this is, but it seems to be pretty epic, judging from the levels. You must navigate impossible rooms full of spikes, lasers, baddies, and bosses. This is made quite difficult by the fact that a single hit will kill you. No exceptions.

Your character is quite small. Here’s a comparison shot  between you and the Bowser boss.



Since you’re so small, and your weapon shoots single pixels that do nothing to enemies (except really weak ones), you have to be creative on how you fight your way through things. Very rarely is a straight up fight the way to win. In fact, commonly you will want to run past enemies or wait for them to die.

This game is not really a standard game that I would recommend to someone to play for fun, but it is a blast to play if you don’t mind dying a lot and can handle tough scenarios.

Now if only I could beat Dr. Wily…


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  1. thank you! I've really gone mad looking for the real name of this boss :P
    It's easy, you can try to get between fire columns and shoot to the balls that dr Willy throw ;)