Monday, June 29, 2009

How much I love my Xbox 360 controller

A lot.

I’ve never owned an Xbox or an Xbox 360 (though I did have an Xbox in my possession for long enough to beat a Splinter Cell game when my cousin went on his mission), so I’ve never really gotten into the whole Xbox culture. Most of my gaming is on portable consoles like my PSP or DS or on my computer.

For a long time I’ve had an adapter that lets my use one of my PS1/N64 controllers on my computer as a joystick, but just recently my Mad Catz PS1 controller finally died, so I bought an Xbox 360 for Windows Kit.

These kits are usually sold in the computer section of the store, and have a little dongle (I *love* that word) to connect the controller as well as a stock wireless 360 controller.IMG_0953 

Because it’s the same controller that a 360 uses, I have a controller to use in case I end up buying a 360, and if it ever dies, I can replace it easily, with something identical.

One cool feature of this set is that I can add up to four controllers so I can have easy multiplayer on supported games.

If you are like me and you love using a controller when playing games, then I would definitely recommend getting one of these.


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  2. Wow... My first comment spam. I feel so important now.

  3. The xbox 360 controller is so confortable it feels like its molded for your hands when you hold it i love it

  4. I disagree that it is the most comfortable controller that I have ever used (that award goes to the N64 controller, in spite of it's obvious design issues). However, I have never been as pleased with the PC experience that I get with a controller as I have with my X360 controllers.